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  • Title
    Capital Crisis
  • Released
    October 2021
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At the heart of K'Nihl's music is a powerful message: that capitalism has become unstable, and other economic systems are often overlooked. While there may be no easy answers to the problems that plague humanity, the music of K'Nihl shines a light on these issues and raises awareness of the struggles facing people all around the world.

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Socialist Stigma
Spring 2023


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Capital Crisis
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Don't Mess With The Toad
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  • Dec 31, 2021

    Don't Mess with the Toad, Out Now!

    Experience the triumph of K'Nihl in EDM. Inspired by real life events and translated into a groovy EP.

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  • Oct 31, 2021

    My first album is Out Now!

    Alternative rock has always had elements of protest, but I took it to the next level with Capital Crisis. This EP shows off the turbulance of 2020 in sound.

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